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"W-what?" Dib asked, "How!?".

Keef looked at him curiously. " can you be're a guy...I mean you have a..." He motioned toward Zim's crotch. "You have a dick." He said.

Zim looked at them and sighed. "Yeah, I have a dick, but I also have you people call it...a vagina?" He asked, earning a nod from Keef for confirmation. "Irkens, whether they are male or females can get pregnant." He explained.

Dib looked at him,"Oh, how many are there?" he asked, putting a hand on Zim's stomach.

Zim looked at him and bit his bottom lip. "Two...both have your separate is yours and the other is Keef's..." He told Dib and sat in the computer chair with a long sigh. Keef put his hand on Zim's belly and smiled a little. "We'll help you through this Zim...I promise." He said and took Zim's hand.

Dib did the same, kissing Zim's forehead.

Zim nodded, a few tears left his eyes. "Thanks...Irkens depend on their mates to help them take care of the smeets..." He said, putting his arms around Dib and Keef.

Dib held onto Zim, resting his head on the alien's chest,"We'll help you don't worry." he said softly.

Keef nodded and rubbed Zim's arm, holding him close. "I want to go lay down..." Zim said tiredly and rubbed his belly. "You two can stay if you wish..." He said.

Dib nodded and hugged Zim before letting go.

Zim hugged him back and yawned, getting up to leave the lab, hand on his belly as he rubbed it with a small purr. Keef watched him leave and put his hands in his pockets. "I can't believe we're going to be dads."

Dib looked in Zim's direction, nodding his head.

"Master wishes for you to join him in his resting chambers." Computer said after a moment. Keef looked up. "Does he need anything?" He asked as he started to leave the lab. Computer sighed. "Smeets, while in their mother's belly, need their father's near." It explained. "Also, waffles would be nice and make sure Gir doesn't make them. Soap isn't safe for Master to ingest while pregnant." Keef nodded and made his way to the bedroom.

Dib followed Keef.

Zim lay on the bed and rubbed his belly as a small pain came through it. It was like the pain from earlier in class but it felt better when Dib and Keef had rubbed it. He sighed and waited for the boys to come in and closed his eyes, still feeling tired.

Keef went to get the waffles made and looked at Dib. "Go check on Zim and see if he's alright." He told him and mixed what he needed in the waffles.

Din nodded and walked into Zim's bedroom.He sat on the side of the bed and put a hand on the small invader's stomach,"Are you okay?" he whispered, starting to rub his belly.

Zim nodded and opened his eyes. "Now I am...the smeets want their fathers near..." He told him; his antenna twitched as he spooch settled and purred softly.

Dib lied down beside Zim and held the alien close, continuing to rub his stomach.

Zim snuggled into him and continued to purr as he was beginning to feel better. "Thank you..."

Dib rested his head on Zim's shoulder, still rubbing his belly.

Zim started to drift off to sleep and clung to him. "Mm..." His antenna twitched a few times as he slept. A few minutes later Keef came in and set the plate down. He smiled and lay down with them, rubbing Zim's belly as well. "I guess he can eat them later."

"Mhm." Dib agreed, smiling.

Keef watched the Irken sleep and pet Zim's antenna making the Irkens snuggle into them more at the touch.

Dib held Zim's hips, allowing the irken to rest his head on his chest.

Zim purred a little louder and nuzzled him, feeling comfortable in their arms as he slept; he knew he shouldn't after all they did to him but he still felt really good with them rubbing his belly.

Dib kissed Zim on the forehead,letting his hand rest on a single spot on the irken's stomach.

You could feel something moving around in Zim's belly but just barely. Keef looked at the Irken's belly curiously. "Wow..."

Dib gasped and looked down at Zim's belly,"Yea." he agreed.

Computer made a sound from the ceiling as if clearing his throat. "Smeets take a shorter time to form in the womb than you humans do." He told them. "I would say the smeets would be born within three months." Keef nodded and smiled as he rubbed the Irken's belly more. "A lot sooner than humans..."

Dib nodded,nuzzling Zim's neck.

Zim purred and snuggled into them, the attention he was receiving felt really good compared to what they were doing with him earlier. He continued to sleep in their arms, antenna twitching a few times.

Dib closed his eyes and began to drift off to sleep.

Keef started to fall asleep as well, holding the Irken close and smiled as he slept.

A few hours later Zim awoke and smiled a little as the humans held him; he nuzzled into them and groaned as his stomach started to feel upset. He got up quickly and rushed to the bathroom to throw up in the toilet.

Dib slowly woke up,"Huh? Are you okay?", he asked, looking in Zim's direction.

Zim threw up a little more and closed his eyes. "It's just happens when you're pregnant." He explained and flushed the toilet before going back to the room and sitting on the foot of the bed.

Dib rubbed his back, frowning a little.

"I'm alright though..." Zim rested his head on Dib's shoulder and nuzzled into his neck; he blushed slightly. "Will you...rub my antenna...they're a little sore.."

Dib nodded and gently reached up to pet the irken's antenna.

Zim let out a shaky breath and clung to him. "Mmm...antenna a-are the most s-sensitive things on an Irken's body..." He explained, laying his head on Dib's shoulder. "Mmm..."

Dib blushed, but continued to stroke the irken's antenna,"O-oh..." he said.

I'm's just...their a little sore, it happens when an Irken is pregnant." Zim said, blushing slightly. "They shouldn't be sore after this, they just need to be rubbed by the mate every once in a while...and you and Keef are the only things close to that at the moment..." Zim explained, relaxing into him.

Dib held Zim to his neck, "It's fine, I understand." he said, petting back Zim's antenna.

Zim purred softly and relaxed more, moaning softly. "Thanks Dib..."

Dib's blush deepend, but still didn't pull away, instead he pulled the invader into his lap.

Zim snuggled into him and smiled. "Don't be alarmed if a blue liquid comes's like milk for the smeets." He told him and kissed Dib's cheek. "Thank you for helping me take care of the smeets...I couldn't do it by myself..."

Dib rubbed Zim's back,"It fine, and again, I'm sorry." he said softly.

Zim smiled. "It's fine...hormones got the best of you both...that and it's mating season for Irkens and I must have been giving off a smell that attracts people, so it's as much my fault as it was yours." He told the human and relaxed in his arms.

Dib blushed, but held Zim close.

" time...if you want to do it...ask me first." Zim said hesitantly. "And be gentle..." He closed his eyes and nuzzled his head under Dib's chin with a small frown.

"I promise we will." Dib whispered into Zim's antenna.

Zim nodded. "And if it's while the smeets are inside me you can't do it in my slit...I don't want to hurt the smeets." He said.

Dib kissed Zim on the cheek, "Neither of us would dream of hurting them in any way." he reassured the irken, rubbing his belly.

Zim smiled and snuggled into him. "You two would make good fathers..." He purred and kissed Dib's neck and sighed. "Listen...I still want you guys to continue your education...don't put it on hold because of me..." He looked up at Dib.

Dib nodded,"I know, but what if you need something?", he asked the irken.

Zim nodded and sighed. "There is that..." He said as Keef yawned and sat up. He went over to them and rubbed Zim's back. "How are you feeling?" Zim purred and nuzzled him. "I'm fine."

Dib smiled at both of them and rested his head on Zim's shoulder.

Zim purred and snuggled into them as Keef rubbed Zim's belly. The Irken hummed a little and looked at Dib. "I could hire an Irken doctor to help us out...they could educate you on how to take care of smeets and how to take care of a pregnant Irken." He said. "And they could help me out while your at school."

Keef looked at Zim. "Well...what if you need us for the smeets are hurting your belly and you need us to rub your belly to calm them down?" He asked. A small sigh escaped Zim's lips. "You humans need school, you will go and my word is final."

Dib looked at Zim a bit sadly,"Okay, but please call us if anything goes wrong." he said, gently rubbing the invader's side.

Zim nodded and nuzzled him. "I will...I just don't want your education to suffer because of me." He purred and kissed him. His antenna twitched and looked at the waffles that Keef had made earlier. "Would you heat those up for me?" He asked Keef and kissed his cheek. Keef smiled and got up, taking the waffles with him.

Zim smiled and looked at Dib. "Besides, I'm going to go through some mood swings and I'm sure you don't want to be here for most of think of it as me protecting you from how angry I could get."

Dib smiled and kissed where Zim's nose should have been,"Okay." he purred.

Zim purred and wiggled his antenna. "And considering how it all happened...there could be a lot of anger..." He frowned and clung to him. "I want our smeets to grow up in a loving home..."

Dib rubbed his back,"It's okay, everything will be fine, you know Keef and I will take good care of our smeets." he said softly.

Zim purred and snuggled into him more and continued to cling to him. "I'm glad you guys are staying...if it had happened on Irk things would be different..."

Dib frowned a bit,"How so?"

"If I had a mate...he would leave me because the smeet wasn't his...although in most cases the mate would make you get an abortion...and the one who did it wouldn't even give glance back." Zim sighed.

Dib looked at the small irken sadly," Well don't worry, Keef and I would never leave you, and we definatly wouldn't make you get rid of the smeets." he said, kissing Zim and rubbing his stomach.

Zim kissed him back as Keef came back with the waffles. "Here you are, nice and warm." He told Zim and handed him the plate. Zim purred and took it, taking a bite of the waffles. "Thanks~" He purred and kissed the red head. Keef chuckled and kissed him back.

Dib put his arms around Zim's chest and nuzzled his neck.

Zim purred and tilted his neck. "Mmm..." He smiled. "Shower me with kisses...both of you..." He purred. Keef kissed the back of Zims' neck repeatedly as the Irken had wanted.

Dib trailed kisses along Zim's jawline, moving towards his neck.

Zim moaned softly as both the humans showered him with kisses, a small purr escaped his throat. "Mmm~ now...rub my antenna...the base of them preferably..."

Dib reached up and rubbed the base of Zim's left antenna, as he was told.

Keef rubbed the other antenna as he continued to kiss him, the Irken moaned and whimpered in pleasure. "Oh...mmm..." He smiled.

Dib gently licked the base of Zim's antenna.

Zim gasped and moaned as Dib licked his antenna. "Nnn~ah..." he clung to Dib and purred. "More...lick my whole antenna..." He moaned. Keef did the same and rubbed the Irken's shoulders. "Oh Irk..."

Dib licked all the way up the irken's antenna and went back down.

Zim panted and moaned loudly as both boys licked up and down his antenna, a small whimper escaped him as he was pleasured and closed his eyes. A sticky substance started to show up on Zim's antenna as they were played with and Keef noticed it tasted like honey. "What's that?" He asked the Irken who blushed. "I-it's a nutritious substance that the smeets will get when they are born..." He said. "It's safe for you to ingest."

Dib pulled away from Zim's antenna for a moment,"Ok so basically everything the smeets need comes from your antenna, but if they're so sensitive, how would it get to the smeets?" he asked curiously.

"They suck on them when they come out, it's like milk." Zim stated. "Other than that it's like a normal pregnancy...instead of the smeets sucking on my...boobs which males don't exactly have there's the antenna...they won't be as sensitive at that point." He said.

Keef hummed. "It doesn't really make sense."

Zim sighed. "It's hard to explain."

Dib gently rubbed Zim's stomach, "Well, we're their fathers, could you try, for us?" he asked.

Zim sighed. "The liquid that comes from my antenna is mainly sugar which smeets need a lot of, my race practically lives off sugar...course seeing as my smeets are part human it could be different...and humans and sugar don't could make them fat and diabetic...on the plus side if they were more human, then meat and water wouldn't hurt them." He hummed.

Dib nodded and held Zim close, trying to comfort him.

Zim purred and kissed him.

Dib kissed back and rubbed the irken's sides.

Zim snuggled into Dib and Keef and purred loudly.

Dib wrapped his arms around the irken.

Zim sighed and closed his eye; enjoying the closeness. "Mmm..." he finished eating his waffles

Dib lied down and carfully pulled Zim ontop of him.

Zim purred and snuggled on top of him, kissing Dib's neck and nipping softly as he put his arms around him. Keef smiled and stroked Zim's antenna slowly making the Irken moan as he attacked Dib's neck with soft kisses and nips.

Dib smiled and stroked Zim's back, closing his eyes blissfully.

Zim purred loudly and nipped softly at Dib's jawline and ran his fingers through Dib's hair and continued to moan as Keef rubbed his antenna. The Irken stopped suddenly and took Keef's hand off his antenna. "Zim wants to take control for once..." He told him and Keef nodded and took his hand back as the Irken kissed him on the lips as he slowly ground into Dib with a small playful smirk.

Dib moaned softly and wrapped his arms around Zim's back.

Zim continued to purr, moaning softly as he continued to ground into Dib and kiss Keef on the lips; he deepened the kiss and put his arms around the red head's neck.

Dib put his arms around Zim's thighs, holding onto him tightly.

Zim's hand went into Dib's pants and stroked the human's cock slowly and wrapped his tongue around Keef's tongue as he kissed him. "Mmm..." Keef put his arms around him as they kissed.

Dib moaned and panted softly.

Zim broke from the kiss in need of air as he continued to stroke Dib's cock. He purred loudly and kissed Dib on the lips softly.

Dib put his arms around Zim's shoulders and continued to moan.

Zim stroked him faster and purred loudly as he deepened the kiss, his tongue entered Dib's mouth and wrapped his tongue around Dib's tongue.

Dib began to pant into Zim's mouth as he wrapped his legs around the alien's hips.

Zim stroked him a little faster and deepened the kiss with a small purr.

Dib placed his hands just below Zim's PAK, kissing him back gently.

Zim moaned, the skin around his PAK being sensitive to the touch; his hand stroked him faster as his tongue wrapped around Dib's own.

Dib gently stroked Zim's sides.

Zim purred and stared into Dib's eyes as he broke the kiss and snuggled into him; antenna twitching rapidly as they explored Dib's face. "Done touch them..." He purred. "Let them touch your face as they take in your scent..." He whispered; eyes closed.

Dib held Zim close and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of the invader's smooth antenna roaming his face.

Zim relaxed and rubbed his belly as his antenna continued to explore the boy's face. "This is how an Irken gets to know its mates...if you were Irken our antenna would wrap around each other but since you have none this will have to do. Your scent...its over just screams dominance." He purred and took Dib's hand and rested it on his belly.

Dib opened his eyes a bit and smiled at Zim, gently rubbing the irken's belly.

"You came in...and claimed your territory." Zim smirked. "You would make a good Irken." He purred earning a chuckle from Keef. The Irken looked over at Keef and purred louder, getting off of Dib and doing the same things with him. "Both of you..."

Dib smiled and held onto Zim as he watched the small irken's antenna explore Keef's face.

Zim smiled and purred softly as he snuggled into them. "Zim wants to see you fuck each other..." He smirked. Keef blushed and looked at Dib. "Uh..." Zim giggled. "Dib will be on top."

Dib blushed as well and looked away, holding tighter to Zim,"D-do we have to?" he asked, buring his face in the alien's neck.

Zim nodded and purred softly. "Seeing as you both are my mates you must please me and you two fucking would please me very much." He smirked and closed his eyes; a small whimper escaped his mouth as he pictured them doing it. "Dib-love with be on top, his penis is bigger~" He purred seductively as he ran his fingers over Dib's crotch. Keef blushed. "Only if Dib wants to I guess..." Keef arched his brow. "I think I'm pretty big." Zim rolled his eyes. "Shoosh!"

Dib's blush deepend, he slowly moved away from Zim.

Zim sighed and sat up, stretching a bit. " gonna fuck Keef?" He purred. Keef shook his head and sighed, still blushing.

Dib gulped nevously and looked over at Keef.

Keef sat up and looked at Dib. "You...uh...want to?" He asked.

Dib looked away and shook his head, blushing.

Zim pouted, antenna wilted. "But Zim wants to watch you do it." He said and moved to Dib's lap, snuggling under his chin. "Zim thinks it's sexy~"

Dib put his arms around Zim's waist,"But it feels like we're cheating on you." he said.

Zim tilted his head. "That's not cheating silly human. You're both my mates...but if it makes you uncomfortable Zim understands." He smiled.

Dib smiled and kissed Zim, holding onto the back of his thighs.

Zim purred and nuzzled under him. "It would still be nice to see." He said. Keef chuckled and sighed.

Dib kissed his jaw, "Maybe later." he purred.

"That 'later' had a hint of 'never' in it." Zim purred and moaned softly.

Dib giggled and held him close.

Keef kissed the Irken's head and put his hand on Zim's belly. The Irken sighed happily and snuggled into them. "I can't promise I'll like your touches all the time with my mood swings." The Irken said with a sigh. "I may want them one moment but then I'll change my mind." Keef nodded. "I understand."

Dib kissed the irken on the side of the neck,"Don't worry about it." he said, smiling sweetly.

Zim closed his eyes and hummed softly as he rubbed his belly. "One of them is moving quite a lot." He looked over at Dib. "I bet it's your smeet, you were always so fidgety." He pointed and then looked over at Keef. "Then were always so hyper...Irk...I'm giving birth to monsters." the Irken whined cutely. Keef rolled his eyes and chuckled. "I wasn't always so hyper."

Dib laughed and put his hand on the one Zim had on his stomach,"Aww, that's not true, they have some of your DNA in them, and your adorable." he said snuggling the side of Zim's face.

Zim chuckled softly. "Yes, they will be amazing~" he purred. "Although, knowing you two...and me...they will talk a lot." He nodded and kissed Dib's cheek then Keef's. "Because, you two just talk your jaws off," He teased, holding them close.

Dib chuckled and held Zim in his arms.

Zim smiled and snuggled into them more.

Dib lied down on the bed and pulled Zim ontop of him.

Zim closed his eyes and rested his eyes.
Ok, this chapter was longer and you could tell there were parts I got lazy .3.

Zim and Keef: me

Dib and her OC: :iconinsane-rose13:

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: [link]
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